These Whimsical Leather Backpacks Look Like Real Feathery Wings

If you’re following fashion trends religiously and you think you know what’s happening in the industry to the very last detail – let us disappoint you. Creative designers and small brands are becoming more relevant than ever and they designing unique products that most of would like to have right away.

KrukruStudio is certainly one of them with their amazing series of Wings backpacks. This Moscow-based brand created a series of hand-crafted leather backpacks that would make you feel like you have a set of wings on your back. These intricate wing bags come in a range of colors, from black white and pink to metallic and rainbow gradient.

“When we finally got to work on the Wings backpack we first tried several ways to simplify the design and make it more ‘production-friendly,’” Lyuba and Max from KrukruStudio explained to My Modern Met. “It didn’t quite work, so we had to take our usual way of making everything complicated and detailed to make the backpack look stunning.”

For each bag, they had to stitch almost 200 hand-cut feathers to create layers that would look like real wings in the end. The result is this amazing product that we believe will soon become a huge trend.

Check out these whimsical wing bags below.