This Full-Time Engineer Creates Incredible Mosaics Made From Tiny LEGO Pieces

Joseph Kraham is a full-time engineer who described himself as a “horrible” artist who didn’t know how to draw, paint or even shade. But that changed in 2014 when he decided to memorialize their beloved dog who passed away by creating a portrait using LEGO.

“Artwork Lego render in memory of Samson (our first dog). He was an awesome Great Dane and is the reason I started my artwork journey,” Kraham wrote on Instagram.

Since then, the artist began to create LEGO mosaics that he donates to charities or popular athletes. Three years later, he has created 40 art pieces and spent approximately 2300 hours on his LEGO artwork.

Kraham specializes in pointillism – a painting technique using tiny dots of various colors to create an image. He uses Acrylic Lacquer aerosol spray to paint the LEGO pieces.

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Working on something big!

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