Sean Kenney Builds Large-Scale Animal Sculptures Using LEGOs

LEGO bricks have long transcended their original purpose of being toys. Thanks to the endless possibilities they offer, LEGOs are now being used in all sorts of different ways, including being material for impressive works of art.

Artist Sean Kenney uses LEGOs as the main material for his large-scale animal sculptures. From zebras and eagles to insects and sea creatures, Kenney manages to craft a realistic depiction of animals from every corner of the animal world by using only small plastic bricks.

According to Kenney, LEGOs have been his fascination since a young age. This fascination persisted even when he grew up, with the only difference being that his creations became more sophisticated.

But even as his approach changed and his projects took months to complete, building LEGO models never stopped affording him the same kind of fun. 

“As an art medium, it’s wonderful to see people’s reactions to what I create. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen someone look at my work and frown,” Kenney said in a recent interview with deMilked. “The LEGO makes it inherently whimsical, which I love. Art doesn’t have to be so serious all the time.”