This Girl And Her Van Will Inspire You To Follow Your Dreams

The costs of living all around the world seem to be rising constantly, and our parent’s lifestyle – buying a house, saving a bit each month – feels like a fantasy for many of us. But this Youtuber cracked the code – and is now living a free, happy, and healthy life – in her van.

Janelle Eliana used to be just a regular young person, with a regular young person’s troubles. She wasn’t making enough money in a job she didn’t like, and life was weighing her down. But instead of grinding her teeth and keeping on, she ditched it all for a life as a traveler. She bought an old van, fixed it up, and started traveling across the States. On a whim, she launched a YouTube channel, hoping to share her journey with her friend.

That’s when things started going wild. One of her very first videos went viral overnight, and in about two months, she gained over one million subscribers. That’s when she went from being the girl with the van to a YouTube star.

Today, Janelle is still living her van life and sharing her journey with her fans. Her lifestyle might not be for everyone, but the lessons she teaches is one we can all learn – if the life you’re living makes you unhappy, don’t be afraid to get up and do something about it.