This Guy Creates Reusable Food Packaging Made From Beeswax

24-year-old Quentin, who’s father is a beekeeper, has always been aware of the preservation of bees.

He came up with the idea of eco-friendly packaging after a trip to Australia where he discovered that bees wraps are used to replace plastic in cooking and guarantee better food preservation. He decided to do the same thing back in France and develop his own recipe of a bees wrap from organic French ingredients and with a perfect texture. He called his product The Embeillage – derived from the words bee and packaging.

Quentin is aware of the environmental issues we face today caused by our consumption habits. He believes that a small change in our daily life can have a big impact to our planet.

The eco-friendly food packaging is handcrafted in France by partners who ensure traceability and quality of the materials. It is 100% natural, composed of GOTS certified organic cotton, durable beeswax from Normandy company, pine resin from the Landes, and organic hemp oil from Brittany.

Beeswax makes the wrap waterproof and breathable. In addition, it has antibacterial and preservative properties. In addition to its environmental value, the packaging comes in beautiful designs. Check out below.