This Hair Stylist Has the Most Adorable Clientele

Mehmet Gunes has the best job in the world. He’s a hairstylist with his own salon who trained in Moscow, has traveled the world, launched his own styling business, and has become a social media sensation. But his clients aren’t men and women – they’re all dogs.

Mehmet has been a dog stylist for years, and it seems that he couldn’t have chosen this career at a better time. Just a generation ago, we used to wash our four-legged friends in our back yards with a hose, and maybe brush their fur once or twice a year. But today, more and more pets lovers wish to have their furry companions just as stylish as them. Mehmet is there just for that – his skill with sheers, love of animals and calm, relaxed manner allow him to groom and style any puppy’s fur into perfection.

Mehmet has been documenting his work process on Instagram and quickly became a social media star. After all, is there anything more wholesome and relaxing than watching happy doggies enjoy a bath and a professional blowout?

Of course, all dogs are beautiful and love-worthy, no matter the state of their fur, but there’s something so satisfying in watching Mehmet take a dirty puppy with wind-blown fur and turn it into a style icon.     

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