These Sausage Dogs Are Actual Squad Goals

Some squads are superior to others—and Harriet Birch’s Sausage Squad is high above the rest. Composed of five adorable daschunds, this is one squad you want to run into, and then give it a good belly rub.

According to Birch, she knew she wanted a daschund dog early on, and later begged her parent to get one. Her first sausage pup, Missy, came into her life 10 years ago.

Missy then went on to have two litters, and Birch kept a dog from each—Button and Duke. But then Duke found a girlfriend and they had their own litter, with Apple completing the squad.

Now all five dogs—Missy, Button, Duke, Ivy, and Apple—are living the life. Based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, they amassed a huge following online, with fans who have grown obsessed with the cute pups and their journey.

But having a pampered squad comes at a price, and Birch admits to spending £800 a month on clothes, accessories, photoshoots, treats, toys, beds, blankets, food, and insurance: “They are worth every single penny,” she told Metro. And we can see why!