This Man Photographed Himself Each Day for 20 Years and It’s Mesmerising

A lot can change in 20 years. 

Noah Kalina is a photographer, meaning he knows the power that images have and the stories they can tell. A picture speaks a thousand words and the 39-year-old wanted to make sure that each of them was heard. 

Two decades ago, Kalina undertook a project which finally came to a conclusion on January 1st, 2020.

Every single day, for a period of twenty years, Kalina would take a selfie. As normal as “taking a selfie” now is, he was doing so before the term was even a thing! 7,263 photos were captured between January 11th, 2000 and the first day of this year. 

Kalina compiled all the snaps into a single video, running 8 minutes long, to illustrate just how much a person can change and how quickly life can pass you by if you don’t take advantage of it…