Woman Draws Realistic-Looking Animal Portraits Using Colored Pencils

Anneli Johansson is a Sweden-born, Greece-based self-taught artist whose animal portraits will take your breath away. Inspired by her appreciation for nature and animals, the artist creates her art pieces using colored pencils. With precise movements, she recreates the soft texture of cat or dog fur, feathers of a wild bird, the vivid colors of animals and plants.

“When I’m creating a portrait it’s like time stands still and I can draw for hours totally fascinated with the artwork I’m creating,” she shared on Bored Panda. “To put it simply – I love drawing and letting my imagination go free.”

She has been creating art her entire life, as long as she can remember, and spends lots of time reading everything art-related. Her work has been featured in various media, like Colored Pencil Magazine and CP Treasures volume 6 by Ann Kullberg – Colored pencil masterworks from around the world.

The artist accepts commissions, as well, so if you got interested in her creations, just keep on scrolling!