This Mom Turns Her Kids’ Dinner into Art

Art comes in all forms and styles, some more surprising than others. Laleh Mohemdi’s favorite medium as unexpected as it gets – her son’s dinners.

Laleh Mohemdi is mother to Jacob and Charlie, and like mothers of many young children, she, too, was struggling to make her children’s meals fuller and more diverse. Children aren’t the biggest fans of change in their diet, and usually prefer to stick to what familiar (and not necessarily healthy), so getting them to eat more vegetables proved quite the challenge. One day she came up with a brilliant solution – why not turn her kids’ meals into their favorite cartoons?

After all, not kid could say no to a dinner shape like their favorite superhero – even if it was made all of cucumbers and broccoli. So Laleh went for it and design her first dinner-cartoon for her kids.

It turned out to be an absolute sensation. The kids loved it! She was so proud she just had to snap a photo and upload it to the web. And as it turned out, her kids weren’t the only ones who loved Laleh’s work. Her design went viral almost overnight, and she decided to go ahead and document her cartoon-dinners on social media.

Today, with over 200k followers on Instagram, Laleh’s food art isn’t just a fun hobby. She’s turned it into a career and has been creating dinner-drawings for brands and celebrities as well as for her kids.

It’s pretty easy to see why she’s so successful. Her fresh take on dinners will make any kid happy to finish all their vegetables.