These Paintings Will Make You Fall in Love With the City

Cities aren’t usually considered beautiful – they’re seen as concrete jungles, crowded, polluted spaces. Beauty is found in the natural world, not in these man-made modern cages. But artist Howard Weiver manages to find beauty in the city – and turn it into art.

Howard is a Texan-born artist and designer who’s been creating art for almost three decades. His art ranges from commercial work to his own private projects, and his latest endeavor was to uncover the beauty of cities.

He uses abstract painting techniques to reimagine the urban sprawl with its thousand crossing paths and neon lights. The paintings aren’t based on any city in particular, and shouldn’t be used as maps or guides – but they do help see the city from a new perspective. 

Instead of a grey, alienating space full of strangers, Howard sees the city as a colorful, full of light and noises. The streets invite you to get lost in theme and go on adventures. You can get to exactly where you wanted to be, or you could let the city guide you and discover its hidden treasures.

There’s nothing easier than to look outside your window to the traffic of the dirty buildings and wish to be in nature, but Howard’s paintings remind us that with a little bit of imagination, we can find beauty even in the concrete.