This Nature Inspired Restaurant Will Leave You Breathless

Nature is an endless source of inspiration in every area of society, but it is perhaps most deeply incorporated in architecture. And these days, beautifully designed restaurants with an amazing view, impressive naturalistic details and unusual locations are popping up all around the world.

The premium yakiniku restaurant Nikunotoriko, located in the Roppongi district of Tokyo, is one of the leading nature-inspired restaurants whose design emphases the beauty of natural shapes and forms.

Designed by Ryoji Iedokoro, the unconventional two-story restaurant was meant to change peoples’ ideas and expectations of a traditional yakiniku restaurant. The centerpiece of the first floor of the newly constructed building is a 6.5 meters long glass table that looks like it’s made of “frozen” smoke and has cave-like surrounding with rough walls. The second floor is turned into a semi-private area decorated with steel pipes that symbolize trees. The earth is the main theme on this floor, and it’s well expressed through the eye-catching multi-layered flooring.

This is definitely a place with an unforgettable concept that offers a unique barbeque experience suitable even for those who don’t really enjoy being outdoors.