This “Paintception” is Going Viral On Social Media

It all started when a Redditor posted a photo of her mother, Cindi Decker, holding a portrait of an egret. “My mom painted this and said no one would like it,” Gaddafo shared. “It’s her 2nd painting.”

The post quickly turned into something unexpected. Artist Kristoffer Zetterstrand shared a photo of himself holding a painting of the woman holding her painting. Then another Redditor named Lillyofthenight followed the thread, sharing a photo of herself holding a painting of the guy holding a painting of the woman holding a painting. The chain reaction continued and dubbed as “paintception.”

Author Nick Kapur posted the Reddit-based trend on Twitter, continuing its craze. “Something incredible is happening on reddit. I’m tempted to say these people have way too much time, but this is legit amazing,” Kapur tweeted.

He shared the photos into a streamlined thread, allowing the viewers to see this special scene in front of their eyes. He even created an interactive web app that shows how the endless “paintception” has unfolded.