This “Street Vet” Helps the Homeless Care for Their Pets

Modern life can be tough, and some folks don’t find their place in society and end up on the streets. Life is particularly brutal for homeless people, and they tend to get ignored by everyone around them. But Stewart Kwane sees those unfortunate folks who found themselves on the streets and has decided to help them.

Dr. Stewart Kwane is an LA-based veterinarian who has been providing free vet services to dogs of homeless people around his city. when the 2007 recession hit and homelessness became prevalent, Dr. Kweane couldn’t ignore bot the stress and pain around him and the compassion and love these newly homeless folks had for their canine companions. Even when they were going hungry or cold, the safety and wellness of their pets remained their first priority. Kwane also knew that a dog is sometimes a homeless person’s only real connection in the harsh reality of life in the streets.

So he started providing services for homeless folk’s dogs free of charge, with nothing but love and compassion for the dogs and their owners. He gives out food and medicine he pays out of his own pocket and is there to advise the owners and help them care for their dogs in the best possible way.