Alexey Luka’s Art Is a Puzzle Waiting to Be Deciphered

Alexey Luka’s signature style centers around abstract geometric shapes and chromatic variations – a style that according to him leans on his background in architecture. Based in Moscow, his art is a mish-mash of sorts, made using different techniques that include spray paints, acrylic paints, sculpture, and collage art. The result is a complex composition in which colors and geometric lines interact, resulting in a sort of puzzle to decipher.

Through the composition and decomposition of the shapes (a style that references to constructivism and neo-plasticism), Luka aims to tell a story and evoke a situation or a vision, in an entirely unusual and original way. The viewer is left, therefore, to reconstruct and consequently interpret the image before him, uncovering from within it faces, characters, and landscapes.

“My works are like an everyday diary,” Luka further relayed in an interview with Another Fine Mess. “A chronicle of what I see around me, around my friends. My works are like a puzzle – people try to find different recognizable shapes that are mixed with abstract geometry. It could be anything, a man walking with his dog, or a large family waiting for their lunch. There is always a story to be found in my works. I try to show typical situations from a different angle.”

His abstract art begins with a sketch on paper. It is only when the sketch is done that Luka chooses the technique he prefers for realizing his idea. His pieces take anything from a couple of days to months to complete. Take a look at some of his work in the gallery below: