This Support Dog is the Cutest Thing You Will See Today

In hospitals, family members often act as support systems to their sick loved ones. In the vet’s office, only pet owners do this. Wouldn’t it be nice to have other pets act as support animals?

The picture below went viral on Instagram. It shows a support dog owned by a vet. The idea stems from the fact that animals may feel more comfortable with one of their kind while at the vet.

It shows a dog-patient, being attended to by a fellow dog. We can see the vet dog doing what looks like assuring his fellow dog that it’ll be alright. This is really amazing. It is a beautiful sight to see a dog that understands the duties of a nurse It is also surprising that a dog can feel the pain of another fellow dog.

Would you love to see a vet support dog during your visit to the vet clinic with your pet? See the picture below.