This Kitten Looks Like a Bat and It’s Adorable

It took Zilla Bergamini about two seconds to fall in love with Lucy and decide to adopt her. The kitten is a sphynx cat – a rare breed of hairless cats – but Lucy looked unique even compared to her siblings. She had a huge had with wide-opened eyes, and with her shorts, dark fur, she looked a bit like a tiny bat.

Zilla later found out that Lucy’s odd appearance stems from a neurological condition known as hydrocephalus, where fluid builds up around the brain and leads to an enlarged head. There was no way to fix this, but a year later, Lucy was doing great in spite of her diagnosis, thanks to her loving owner.

It took Zilla and Lucy a while to get used to living together. Zilla was an experienced cat rescuer and owner, but she’d never had a cat with a neurological condition before. At first, Lucy had an array of medical problems – she had to be given eye drops and even wore a diaper for a week! but with Zilla’s loving care, she grew stronger with each passing day.

 Today, Lucy is a strong, healthy kitten living her best life. She likes playing with other cats, explore her surroundings and cuddle with her human. Thanks to Zilla, she gets to live like any other cat.

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