This Train Is Suitable for Kings and Queens

Travelers who want to combine luxury and relaxation will be amazed by this ingenious train that offers all of that and much more. The 19th Century Presidential Train has been brought back and made available to the general public to travel all around Portugal.  

People who already had the pleasure to travel on that train reported it was a thrilling experience. They said that the train awoke nostalgia for a posh imagined past, which is understandable as this train was the main vehicle for traveling amongst kings, queens, and diplomats in the 19th century.    

If you want to travel with this train, you should know that the journey takes 9 hours and covers the entire Douro wine region. Passengers board at the Sao Bento station in Porto, which in itself is breathtaking because of the beautiful scenery. 

It is interesting to note that the train travels only 25 times a year, and there is always a new chef in charge of the food. Each of the chefs has received at least one Michelin star for their work and the train always serves a 4-course meal with excellent selection of wines.