Designer Makes Unique Items That Are Deliberately Uncomfortable

Greek designer Katerina Kamprani will cause you great stress and make you a little anxious with her collection of everyday items specially designed to annoy people. The collection, called “The Uncomfortable,” features designs that are as sleek as they are useless.

The purpose of this project is to disrupt the practicality of everyday objects and change their appearance enough to make them completely absurd. On her website, Kamprani explains that through her work she wants to help people appreciate the complexity and depth of using the simplest, everyday objects.  

Her goal is also to make her followers laugh and we have to admit that she succeeds, even though having a glass of wine that you can’t drink is more tragic than funny. 

Kamprani launched her collection in 2011 after deciding not to complete her industrial design studies. She did not have enough money to create real models of her unusual ideas and instead made her own 3D versions in order to attract audiences and convey her message. 

Just looking at them will make you tense up!