This Transparent Eraser Lets You See What You’re Erasing

How often do you use a pencil and an eraser? Many of us haven’t used these items in years, now that we have smartphones and other digital devices available at all times, but many still prefer old-school planners and stationery. Erasers date back to the 18th century — the first one was invented in 1770 by an English engineer named Edward Nairne. To this day, erasers have come a long way and they now come in many shapes, sizes, and scents, but they all share one big flaw — you can’t really see what you’re erasing.

This is about to change, as the Japanese company Seed just introduced their new product: a transparent eraser. Seed has been making erasers since the 1950s, but they just got the formula for a see-through eraser right after working on it for the past five years. They call it the Clear Radar and it’s available in many stationery stores across Japan. You can see how it works in the video below.