This Webcomic Encourages You to Be Lazy

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We love a good webcomic, and if it includes pugs – all the better. Cartoonist, writer, and illustrator, Gemma Correll, is known for her pug illustrations, that are printed on t-shirts, tea towels, and greeting cards, amongst others.

Originally from Norwich, Correll now lives in California with her two pugs and boyfriend and works as a freelance illustrator, with clients that include Hallmark, The New York Times, Oxford University Press, Chronicle Books, and The Observer.

Her webcomics, shared on her Instagram page, is drawn in her distinct style, and naturally is full of pugs. “I love the personalities of animals,” she told Creative Boom. “They are so varied. Pugs, in particular, are such characters; they are very silly and funny. I like imagining what animals might say if they could talk.”

“I knew from a young age that I wanted to draw and write for a living. I was always encouraged to draw by teachers and friends,” she shared. “Once I realized that I could use art as a tool to get out of PE lessons, I was even keener. At primary school, I was sometimes allowed to stay in the classroom and make posters for upcoming school events rather than put myself through the humiliation of falling over and generally being terrible at all of the sports.”

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