This Wholesome Instagram Page Will Remind You to Love Yourself

Self-taught writer and artist Meera Lee Patel believes anything is possible. “Everything I create is based on this simple principle,” she writes on her website. Her Instagram page – wholesome and uplifting – is a collection of illustrations, diagrams, and mantras that will remind you to be kinder to yourself and to others.

“I am interested in exploring the intricacies of human connection, and I use my work to unearth the small yet vibrant stories found in everyday life,” writes Patel. ​”Like you, I have many worlds inside of me. I am sensitive but tough. I am pragmatic but free. I am a dreamer. ​I hope my work will always serve as a simple reminder: you are not alone.”

Her many projects include book illustration, textile & print licensing, stationery collections, and writing pieces about mental health and emotional well-being. “I am interested in projects that add beauty to the world; help people feel more like themselves; and remind us of the oft-overlooked moments in our livesbecause they are usually the best ones,” she writes.

“What you can control lies within yourself: your thoughts and attitudes, your wishes and desires, and the perspective you choose to live by,” she adds in an interview with Freelance Wisdom.

“We often blame our fear for keeping us from moving forward, but it’s our perspective of fear that truly holds power—it can imbibe us with strength and courage, or it can slowly destroy us. If you believe that everything that happens to you holds a lesson, you’ll be better equipped to find the lesson and learn from it. If you believe that there is purpose and meaning in difficult, you’ll find beauty in the obstacles you face. Are you afraid of taking a chance because you are worried it won’t work out? Being afraid of rejection and failure is natural, but it isn’t a guarantee.”

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do you guys turn down opportunities regularly because you don’t feel ready? i do. the story i usually tell myself is that i should wait to move forward (whether it’s taking a job, a meeting, a step in my business) until i feel ready. until i’m smart enough, experienced enough, active enough. until i feel secure enough. until i feel good enough. the problem with this is that i don’t grow or learn. i’m not challenging myself when i do what comes easily and comfortably to me. i’m not failing or learning from my mistakes, collaborating or learning from others, giving myself a chance to shake it all off and try again. it’s hard for me to feel like i have something of value to teach others—most of the time, i want to be the student. i want to learn more, grow more. i have so much confidence in the amazing teachers i have in my life—@kristenleebrinkman @laurenmincolowen @ojuspatel @jessicamccaughey @obtusejay are a few—who are REAL LIFE teachers at schools and universities, giving their best to their students and showing up for them each day. i’ve been asked to teach at universities (absolutely mortified!) and for online schools several times, and this is only the second time i’ve said yes—and it’s not because i felt ready. it’s because i knew i never would, and because i’m working on not letting my fear of failure or disappointment guide the choices that i make. i’m so excited about getting the chance to teach and learn alongside y’all. you can take my @skillshare class (DRAWING FOR PERSONAL GROWTH: 5 EXERCISES FOR SELF-DISCOVERY) for free by using the link in my profile! and i hope you do. #process #meeraleepatel

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