This Woman Made a Cake That Looks Like a Real Thanksgiving Turkey

Large roasted turkey is a centerpiece of each Thanksgiving meal, but what if it came in a cake form? One woman tried to answer this question and her followers lost their mind after seeing the final result.

Sarah Hardy, the mastermind behind the Instagram account The Edible Museum, came up with this unusual recipe, which left people impressed and puzzled at the same time. You’ll have to look twice before realizing this raw turkey is not an ACTUAL raw turkey, but a cake shaped like one.

Only once Hardy started cutting the pieces, we finally realized she managed to trick us all and create a unique cake that looks just like everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving dish. Hardy even shared a recipe in case anyone’s willing to give it a try, but we’ll stick to the real thing for the time being.

The raw turkey cake isn’t even the first incredibly realistic dessert she shared with the world. Hardy actually specializes in making candy that looks like all sorts of creepy objects, which are actually delicious despite their strange appearance.

Check out a few of them below: