Check Out Zendaya Doing Nine Things She’s Never Done Before

Zendaya. Photo by David Buchan/Shutterstock (10405775jy)

Is there anything the Euphoria star can’t do? As soon as we saw the notification for Allure’s video, “Zendaya Tries 9 Things She’s Never Done Before” we jumped straight to our Youtube page. The star showed up to the set looking like she stepped straight off the runway, her matching pants set was so glamorous and her hair and makeup gave us major style envy.

The nine things Zendays does include: packing a suitcase in 15 seconds, playing big Jenga blindfolded, giving a fan a Euphoria makeover, gift-wrapping a bike, hula hooping in heals, playing a bassoon, parallel parking a Barbie car, drawing a self-portrait using only makeup products, and avoiding a confetti storm.

We can’t help but want to be best friends with Zendaya, she seems like so much fun. When she’s giving a fan a Euphoria makeover, which she does so effortlessly, she says, “in true Euphoria fashion, you must have stars” and when she’s hula-hooping she says, “my hair is not letting me live!”

You can also watch Kristen Bell, Meghan Trainer, Eva Longoria, and other celebrities complete the “9 Things She’s Never Done Before” challenge.

Check out Zendaya’s full video below.