Two Artists Create Hilarious Comic About Succulents

Succulents Comic is the creation of two artists: Kotopopi, who writes the story, and Mocopink, the illustrator. It first began as Kotopopi’s solo project, however, soon he realized he wasn’t going to be able to fully realize the vision he had in mind.

“Although I’m a cartoonist myself, my style is too rough and not cute enough to bring Eric&co. to life,” the artist revealed on Bored Panda, and added that he was fortunate enough to know an amazing French artist who drew little figures exactly in the style he had in mind for his comic. “She embraced the project, helped me to improve the script and to develop the character, and with her unique taste and mastery of pastel colors gave us the characters as we know it today.”

Although, they have recently started sharing their work on Instagram, they have already gained more than 5,000 followers. If you are curious to see their project, check out the gallery below.