Unbelievably Realistic Paintings by Miriam Escofet

Miriam Escofet is an award-winning artist that has a rare gift of being able to transfer real life onto canvas without compromising the details.

While she is engaged in lots of different media, Escofet is best known for her unbelievably realistic portraits that perfectly capture the human expression. This London-based artist paints in oil and is known to work for months on one painting in order to make it perfect. This is why people easily mistake her artwork for photographs.

“I look at paintings as portals – worlds one can visually step into and be transported and sometimes even transformed by.” – says Escofet of her works.

Escofet received numerous honors for her impressive art including BP Portrait Award in 2018. She also held numerous exhibitions all over the world including cities like London and Paris.

Check out some of her paintings below.