Video of Impressive Dog Rescue Mission Restores Internet’s Faith in Humanity

There is a video of a dog rescue mission circulating on social media that is restoring the internet’s faith in humanity. And after watching it, it didn’t hard to see why.

In the clip, shared by Twitter user @Dbelldb1, a group of students is shown rescuing a dog that fell into the Ancoats Canal. Not being able to reach the dog any other way, 20-year-old Ben Camphor leaned over the wall while his friends held onto his legs. They then lowered him down until he managed to grab the dog’s collar.

Camphor embraced the dog into his arms while the rest of the group pulled him back up. After the rescue mission ended successfully, the students received a round of applause from the crowd that watched the whole thing unfold.

The Daily Mail later caught up with Camphor, who revealed that they found out the rescued dog actually belongs to the owner of the nearby coffee shop that they often visit. He said that he didn’t hesitate to act quickly, fearing for the dog’s safety.

“Everyone was panicking. I couldn’t let that dog down and not help, so I put my jumper down and sprung into action – climbing down first,” Camphor added.