Chinese Student Invents “Remote Kissing Device”

Struggling with a long-distance relationship? Well, there is a new invention out there that could help you out. One Chinese student from the city of Changzhou City invented and patented a “remote kissing device” that allows lovers to share a kiss without even being next to each other.

The video, posted by @tongbingxue, showing the device in action has recently become viral on social media and caused quite a buzz. According to the poster, “the mouth-shaped module, served as an inducing area for lovers to make the kiss and then it can transfer kiss gesture to the “mouth” on the other side.”

The device connects with a smartphone and reads various data, including temperature, pressure, and lip movements. All of this can be replicated on the lips connected to a paired device, allowing the partner to experience the kiss as realistically as possible.

The idea of a remote kissing device is nothing new. Back in 2016, a device named Kissenger, developed by Imagineering Lab at City University London worked on a similar principle to the new one. Pressure sensors and actuators in Kissenger would collect the elements of the kiss on a sender device and then replicate it on the device of a recipient. However, the gadget never managed to gain major popularity.

The Twitter users also pointed to an episode of the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory, in which one of the characters, Howard Wolowitz, crafted a device with similar characteristics.