Wear Your Nostalgia on Your Sleeve With These Designers

You know you’re old when the fashion trends you remember from your late teens get upcycled. Suckers as we are to anything from the ’80s and ’90s, we can never say no to good nostalgic merch. Here are three artists that take clear inspiration from our favorite decades. Just take our money!

Wyatt Little

Self-taught ceramic artist Wyatt Little recreates ’90s staples, repurposing them with creative results. Age-old computers and nostalgic trainers turn into trendy plant holders under Little’s hand. “I love it when people are confused by my pieces at first glance,” he admitted in an interview with the Urban Outfitters blog. “Then once they figure it out, I hope they are delighted.” We know you’ll be delighted.

Working Girls 

Cincinnati-based artist and designer Shailah Maynard launched her brand, Working Girls, in 2015. Inspired by ’80s and ’90s music, film, and pop-culture, she sells ironic (but practical) merch that includes anything from pool floats in the shape of body parts to a resin toilet seat with flowers. “Working Girls isn’t just one type of craft or product,” she stated in an interview with the Urban Outfitters blog. “The brand as a whole is a concept.”

Scott Young

We fell in love with Scott Young’s illustrations after coming across his zodiac signs T-shirts. With a knack for pop culture and a nod to art history, his work includes a Doritos bag painting, upon which he drew flowers. Originally from Olympia, Washington and currently living and working in New York City, he sells his merch on his online shop, where most of his stuff sells out in the blink of an eye.