These Artists are Clearly Inspired by Their House Plants

In true millennial fashion, there’s nothing we adore more than house plants. Alas, what looks good on Instagram doesn’t always translate well in real life, and as we mostly neglect our house plants (or drown them completely) – some things are best admired from afar. Here are three artists who take their inspiration from their house plants and commemorate them for all of us to enjoy. Take note!

Valesca van Waveren 

Based in Amsterdam, illustrator and ceramist Valesca van Waveren treats her house plants with kindness. They serve as sources of inspiration for her cheerful illustrations, through which she explores the many ways humans and nature interact with each other. “Without plants, we would be nowhere,” she relayed in an interview with Flow. “They purify the air that we breathe, and much of our food comes from their fruit, seeds, leaves, and roots. By taking good care of plants, we are also taking good care of the world and ourselves.”

Chloe Joyce

There are two main subjects that Chloe Joyce’s illustrations seem to wholly focus on: women and house plants. Situated in their home environments, her characters seem laid back, if a bit pensive. Based in Sydney, Joyce admits she’s most inspired when traveling. “Being around new cultures and landscapes is incredibly invigorating and can really shake up how you view your work,” she reflected in an interview with Twenty Something Humans.

Amy Lincoln

New York-based artist Amy Lincoln makes acrylic paintings that are wholly engulfed by plants. Though first attracted to portraits, as time passed she found herself more and more drawn to plants. “When I was in grad school I started keeping potted plants, and they occasionally made their way into my paintings,” she recalled in an interview with Maake Magazine. “In about 2009 I got more interested in painting plants and since about 2012 plants and landscape are pretty much the only thing I paint.”

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Houseplant study. Acrylic on paper 8 x 10"

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Hothouse Vista, inspired by #WaveHill

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