You Must See These Amazing Landscape Embroideries

Victoria Rose Richards is a talented thread painter who creates intricate embroidered aerial paintings that feature colorful landscapes and rural areas. The 21-year-old artist experimented with different art forms over the years, before finally falling in love with embroidery last year.

“I pulled some nice blues and greens out of my grandmother’s old embroidery tin and had my first go at an embroidery landscape in October 2018,” Richards told Colossal.

Her artwork is greatly inspired by nature and it shows cropped fields, large areas with fresh blooming flowers or mystical green woods.

“In living in a rural area with woods, fields, and rivers, and even near the ocean, I often take inspiration from the abundance of nature around. I especially enjoy doing coastal and ocean landscapes.”

Richards says she recently started embroidering aerial tropical island pieces, as she developed a great love for tropical marine biology as a biology student.

Take a look at her breathtaking colorful paintings in the photos below.