The 12 Days of a Toddler Christmas: the Struggles of Parenting During Holidays

When the holiday season comes, it’s only natural to assume that it’s going to be full of fun and joy with hardly any stress at all, right? Well, not if you’re a parent of a toddler.

This mom found a fun way to show what holidays are all about by twisting verses of 12 Days of Christmas.

“We are full swing into Christmas in this house,” Stephanie shares, “however my ever-growing tally of broken ornaments is a constant reminder that there is Christmas, and there is Christmas with kids. This is why I wanted to create a fun rendition of one of my favorite holiday songs.”

12 Days of a Toddler Christmas is for all the parents out there enjoying the thrill of candy cane sugar highs, and Santa Claus meltdowns,” she adds. Enjoy!

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🎶On the twelfth day of Christmas my toddler gave to me, twelve stuffies sleeping💤,eleven Christmas stories📖, ten broken candy canes🍬, nine painted pictures🎨 eight burnt Christmas cookies🍪, seven rubber duckies 🐤, six loads of laundry👔, fiiiive broken ornaments 🎄, four Christmas stockings 🧦three chocolate Santas 🎅 two sleepless nights ☕, and a dirty diaper under the Christmas tree 🌲🎶 . And that's a wrap. Hope you enjoyed the 12 days of a Toddler Christmas. You can swipe over to see the last 10 (all IG will let me post). But to see the entire version I've linked the whole blog post in my stories. . Also, please let me know, did you enjoy this series? What was your favorite day? And is there any other songs or movies you would like to see a toddler rendition of?

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