3D Artist From India Creates Impressive Neon-Inspired Art

It is easy to mistake the works of India-based 3D artist Devansh Atray for stills from movies like Blade Runner or Nightcrawler. This is because Atray’s works are inspired by neon and bright motives, while also being extremely visually appealing.

Everything started when Atray discovered Blender 3D software tool and was attracted by its possibilities. After watching numerous tutorials online, he gained fundamental knowledge off the tool and began making random artwork. The fact that he always liked neon and bright lights steered his creativity in the current direction.

“I don’t have a particular source of inspiration. All I know is I love neons and bright lights!” Atray told Fubiz. “I try to represent an emotion through my artwork. But some of my creation are just really me messing around, like those neon tunnel ones, they don’t really hold a story behind them. They are just something that I love to present as neon installations.”

Check out some of his works below.