Artist Uses Skulls to Recreate Famous Cartoon Characters

Filip Hodas is a gifted artist best known for his illustrations where he imagined pop culture icons in a dystopian future. Recently, the Czech 3D artist surprised his fans with a series of anatomically correct skulls of your favorite childhood cartoon characters. Growing up, Hodas loved learning about dinosaurs, bones, and skulls.

“I was really into dinosaurs and their fossils as a little kid. When I got older, I thought skulls were very badass, so I would draw them often,” the artist shared in a state for Bored Panda. “Skulls were among the first things that I had at least some idea of how to sculpt. The first one I was proud of looks terrible in retrospect!”

Characters like Minnie Mouse, Tweety, Sponge Bob, and Goofy are featured in his gallery. In the description, the artist put their hilarious zoological names and the year when their character first aired.

If you are interested to see his artwork, check out the gallery below and follow him on Instagram for future updates.