Santi Zoraidez’s Digital Art Is Simply Striking

Santi Zoraidez describes himself as a passionate art director and designer with a true desire to transform ideas into striking artworks. Combining realism with surrealism, he creates imagined spaces rich with color and light. Zoraidez’s ability to merge brilliant illustrations with groundbreaking digital effects often puts him at the very forefront, attracting brands as big as Apple, Nike and Ikea to name a few.

“I’m passionate about furniture, interior design, art installations, architecture and of course about graphic design,” he shared with Grafik. “I always try to mix these different influences within my own work. There is something interesting to me about the compositions I can create and the way that shapes interact with each other, together with a sense of space or volume, and referring mostly to real materials.”

Born in Buenos Aires and having spent many years living and working in Copenhagen and Berlin, Zoraidez has recently returned to his native country, where he continues his practice. Each project requires much planning beforehand, fleshing out his ideas first before committing them to paper.

“I really try to develop my ideas for each piece of work outside of the screen, and then after some time I build up something to try out in digital,” explains Zoraidez. “That is when my visual development process really starts. One thing leads to another. When I’m working on the first round of designs, I enjoy making the most of the freedom to create whatever comes to my mind, and whatever I find interesting for that project. From that starting point, you can choose the right way to move forward.”

His work requires translating complicated concepts into simple compositions. “I like to see how shapes and objects interact with each other, and how I can use the way that they look to communicate an idea,” he notes. “Whether in motion or as still image, this is the way I approach a project.”

Take a look at some of his outstanding work: