Add a Pop of Color to Your Life with Jane Bowyer’s Illustrations

Graphic designer and illustrator Jane Bowyer creates minimalist illustrations that are bold, graphic, and vibrant. “My work is split between design and illustration,” she told Lecture in Progress. “Personally, I’ve never seen them as two separate disciplines but that’s the way the industry and clients view them, so I’ve had to make a distinction between the two when it comes to pricing. But I approach design and illustration briefs in the same way.”

Indeed, her simple (but poignant) illustrations could equally be translated into logos or made into graphic posters. “I think I knew from a young age that I wanted to do something in the arts and I’ve always felt more comfortable working behind the scenes than standing center stage,” admitted the artist.

“It was actually my high school art teacher, Mr. Lee, who suggested graphic design as a career option. He sold it to me as ‘being able to make posters for a living’. I’ve always said if the design thing doesn’t work out I’d make an excellent wedding DJ.”

Take a look at some of her playful creations.