Dad Shares Hilarious Comic Strips About His Family

Becoming a parent is definitely one of the most adventurous things you can do in your life. But if you are a pet owner as well, then the fun is doubled.

Erez Zadok is an illustrator, artist and the creator of a comic called Bundle Of Joya which is a story about his family; wife Lina, daughter May and dog Joya. In the beginning, the comic was mostly about the adorable relationship between Zadok and Joya, however, with time, the cartoon got expanded with two new characters.

In his latest work, the artist shares the adventures of his little family; all the happy and not-so-happy moments of parenthood.

Since last year, when Bundle of Joya went viral on social media, the artist has gained over 106 thousand Instagram followers and has more than ten thousand likes on each post.

Scroll down and take a look at Zadok’s adorable and hilarious work below. If you are a parent, can you relate?