Adorable Baby Yoda Memes Are Taking the Internet by Storm

The Mandalorian quickly became one of the biggest hits of newly launched streaming service Disney+ and it’s rising star came in the form of the most adorable movie character in recent memory – Baby Yoda.

After melting our hearts with his tiny little face and giving us curtness overload, Baby Yoda went on to become the latest viral sensation. He’s already a star of countless gifs and memes, and you can find over 50,000 posts on Instagram after searching the words “baby yoda”.

Baby Yoda memes are taking us straight back to our childhood and perfectly capturing that moment of confusion and anticipation we all went through while waiting to be told what to do by our parents. This is the most common case scenario, but they are also being used to describe all kinds of other relatable situations.

You don’t have to be a Star Wars fans to enjoy this latest viral meme, but here’s a catch – don’t confuse Baby Yoda with the beloved Jedi master from the original movie franchise. It hasn’t been confirmed that this character is an infant version of the actual Yoda, but that doesn’t make us love him any less.