Meet Mork – A Cute Rescue Puppy That Looks Like Baby Yoda

Even those who are not big fans of the Star Wars franchise are familiar with Baby Yoda, thanks to the viral meme that took the internet by storm last year. Well, if you liked Baby Yoda and you also like dogs, get ready to meet a puppy that is a perfect combination of both.

Mork is a cute rescue puppy who is going viral on social media thanks to his similarity to Baby Yoda. This adorable dog already has more than 121 thousand followers on Instagram.

Nikki Carvey, the founder of Road Dogs & Rescue who adopted Mork, said that the puppy was rescued, along with a bunch of other dogs, from a meat truck in China. Fortunately, Mork is a survivor and he managed to recover and get healthy over the past couple of months.

“He is sweet and friendly but still learning about love. His favorite thing is to just sit in the sunshine”, Carve said on Bored Panda. “The whole Baby Yoda comparison is fun, and he brings a lot of joy. I feel his story touches people’s hearts and we’ve had some beautiful messages from individuals who are struggling, who say that he makes them smile and inspires them.”

After he gets fully healthy, Carvey plans to train Mork as a therapy dog, because she believes his mission is to spread love and joy among people.

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