Artist Uses Famous Memes But Gives Them a Twist

Unfins is the pseudonym Damien, an artist who became popular thanks to a project where he gave the “woman yelling at a cat” meme an unexpected twist. His 4-part story soon conquered the internet and brought him more than 200k Instagram followers.

Recently, the 21-year-old artist surprised his fans with another meme; he explained what really happened after the “distracted boyfriend” situation.

“Memes are everywhere and memes are funny so one night, as I was drawing my series, I just took a break and did that ‘woman yelling at a cat’ comic on a whim. Then it exploded and I thought ‘oh, I have to continue this,’” Damien told Bored Panda and added that he is still in shock how his work got such positive feedback.

The Switzerland-based illustrator’s artistic journey began in his childhood, and he later began working as a professional artist when he joined Webtoon where he started his first comic.

If you want to see his creative work, check out the gallery below, or follow him on Instagram for future updates.

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Part 4 will be the last part

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