Adorable Corgi Invades Posters of Oscar-nominated Films

Maxine The Fluffy Corgi is an adorable corgi based in New York that has been something of a social media star in the past few years. Besides being a fluffy ball of fur, Maxine is also known for occasionally invading the posters of famous movies and making it all about herself. 

Ok, actually it’s her owners Bryan Reisberg and Alex Garyn, big movie aficionados, who make it all about Maxine, but you can’t blame them. Maxine looks natural as a big movie star, and it would be a shame to hide this fact from the world.

The duo not only photoshops the cute puppy into posters but also change the titles in order to put Maxine in the center of the attention. They did the same thing to commemorate this year’s Academy Awards.

Maxine found her way into the posters for Joker and Ford v Ferrari, while Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Parasite became Once Upon a Time in Fluffywood and Paracorg.

Check them out in the multi-image post below.