You Can Drown in Leegan Koo’s Surreal, Intriguing Paintings

Leegan Koo is a Los Angeles-based freelance artist who creates the most out of the ordinary art. His surreal paintings of cityscapes and characters without human faces are inspired by his memories of all the places he’s lived in.

Koo has always been interested in art and he started drawing and painting from a very young age. He describes himself as a surrealist painter, but over the years he’s experimented with different styles, including realism and surrealism.

“I grew up moving from one city to another, and the ethnic and cultural diversity I experienced and witnessed became an essential part of my identity and inspiration,” the artist talked about his inspiration with Life’s Prism. Jazz, hip-hop, and graffiti also had a major influence on Koo’s art and artistic style.

“I think what’s more important than my message is what people feel when they see my art. I love to hear about their own interpretations and what kind of connection they draw between my art and their experiences of life.”

Check out Koo’s artwork in the photos below.