All Girls Can Relate to These Bra Problems

Every girl reading this knows exactly how difficult it is to find the right bra for her body. And the troubles don’t end there. You only realize how uncomfortable it can be once you take it off.

Many female comic artists were inspired to draw on this subject so below we have a selection of some of the best bra problem cartoons. Don’t forget to share with friends!

(By @cassandracalin)
(By @sarahandersencomics)
(By @gemmacorrell)
(By @sarahandersencomics)
(By @lorynbrantz)
(By @maritsapatrinos)
(By @unclippedadventure)
(By @daniellepioliart)
(By @natalyalobanova)
(By @ gemmacorrell)
(By @owomaniyeah)
(By @gemmacorrell)