Amateur Origami Artist Makes Cutest Paper Creations in Small Jars

This is one of those things that are so cute and easy to learn, that you’ll probably want to try making them yourself. Origami paper art is an ancient skill originating from Japan and you don’t have to be a talented artist to try it! All you need is a square piece of paper and a little bit of patience and precision to learn how to fold it to create shapes and objects.  

It’s usually easier when you do it with larger pieces of paper, but as you develop your skills you might find it interesting to try making stuff with really small pieces too. This paper artist we’re about to show you is making very small paper objects and placing them in little jars also decorated with pearls, but you can use whatever you like! 

Her Instagram account has over 20k followers and her decorations look so cute and easy to make that they could easily fit in any home. She makes animals like giraffes, whales, and birds and uses beads to create surroundings like water or ground for them. She also makes gentle flowers in very tiny jars or fish on small sticks with decoration made of oysters.

Check it out!