Amateur Tries to Cook Chicken Cordon Bleu With Just a 5 Minute Training

Image via Tasty/YouTube

Is 5 minutes enough time to learn someone to make eggs? Probably. But what about chicken Cordon Bleu? Is it possible to master cooking this classic meal in just 300 seconds? Well, Tasty decided to find out.

In their latest video, Tasty gave a monumental task to their professional chef and producer Matthew. He needed to give a lesson in cooking to his friend Joyce on how to make a chicken Cordon Blue, and he only had 5 minutes to do the teaching.

After the 5 minute lesson, Joyce would need to try and make the meal on her own with Matthew being unable to talk or help her in any other way. To make things more interesting, they decided to throw in two exceptions to this rule. Joyce had one chance to ask Matthew for help, while he also had one chance to step in if he thought things went downhill terribly wrong.

Did these two manage to pull off this challenge and proved that you can master cooking a complicated meal in 5 minutes? Well, find that out in the video below.