Artist Turns Picasso’s Iconic Paintings Into 3D Art

Image via omaraqildesign/Instagram

Since 2017, CGI and 3D artist Omar Aqil has been turning Picasso’s most famous paintings into 3D illustrations that look like photos of real objects.

The three-part series called “Mimic” was created after studying Picasso’s work for years. Aqil’s style breathes new life into his version of Picasso’s paintings by using modern colors and textures. Some feature everyday objects such as hair dryer, flower vase and different shapes of bottles.

“Picasso is my all-time favorite artist,” Aqil told Insider. “His work and style have always inspired me.” He said that keeping things “modern yet classic” was a vital part of interpreting Picasso’s work. He also wanted to preserve Picasso’s signature abstract style when illustrating faces.

“[Picasso] used the most unusual shapes with some odd perspective to enrich his desired expressions,” Aqil explained. “He just had an amazing sense of how to decode them.”