Watch People Try Not to Eat Iconic Food from “The Office”

Although The Office wrapped up several years ago, it still remains one of the most beloved comedies in recent memory. The series has an army of hardcore fans who love everything about it and frequently rewatch it. YouTube channel REACT recently decided to test the dedication of several of those fans in a recent video by presenting them with a unique challenge.

REACT decided to re-create some of the most iconic foods from the show’s nine seasons and present it to the fans. But there was a catch. The participants had to resist the food on their table in order to claim the grand prize. Those who cave wouldn’t get to taste the final meal and will also have to eat something disgusting as a punishment.

If you want to see whether these The Office superfans managed to resist Fettuccine Alfredo, Kevin’s Famous Chili, bacon-wrapped steak, and many more, check out the video below.