Amy Lincoln’s Paintings Revolve Around Plants

New York-based artist Amy Lincoln makes still life and landscape acrylic paintings that feature closely observed representations of specific plant species. Colored in bright, eye-popping, colors, her imagery combines plants with elements of nature such as mountains, clouds, and sun rays, making for an overall uplifting effect.

“I used to draw and paint people primarily, portraits and self-portraits,” recalled the painter in an interview with Maake Magazine. “When I was in grad school I started keeping potted plants, and they occasionally made their way into my paintings. In about 2009 I got more interested in painting plants and since about 2012 plants and landscape are pretty much the only thing I paint.”

Talking about her initial inspiration, she adds that her mom has an incredible garden that has always been a big creative outlet for her. “I think growing up next to a beautiful garden with a mom who was very enthusiastic about plants probably influenced my work,” she admits.

Explaining her choice of color she says: “I often try to make the color be as vivid as possible, while still modeling a form in light and dark. Color is often the starting point for each painting. I’ll try to think of a color combination that I haven’t used before, or think of how I can change certain colors in a landscape so that the value still makes sense for a day or night scene, but the color is something surprising.”

She mixes the colors with a brush on a paper palette, using as few pigment ingredients as possible. “Using few ingredients makes it easier to remember, and tends to keep the color really bright,” she explains.

Enter her bright-colored worlds in the gallery below/

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New study. Acrylic on paper 8 x 10"

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