Calvin Nicholls Creates Stunning Paper Art

Artists have shown that exquisite and eye-catching art can be formed out of seemingly ordinary things. In the first place, it is amazing how art pieces are seen in objects that people see in their common use only. More amazing it is to see very big things come out of these “everyday” objects.

The images below were made by a Canadian artist Calvin Nicholls. He specializes in paper sculpturing. The Canadian paper artist uses sheets of paper to create very beautiful sculptures. His love for wildlife is well incorporated into his art, which explains the reason why he creates paper-sculptures of animals like bears, foxes, and birds.

With many sheets of paper, Nicholls creates art pieces in their natural pose. He doesn’t just create beautiful paper sculptures; he goes further to make them appear the way they are usually seen in their natural world. His attention to detail is out of this world.

See some of his works below.