Empty Nesters’ Photos Have Parents Laughing Out Loud

Empty Nesters
Image via Haley Marie Photography/Facebook

After seeing their children grow up, graduate, and move out, what parent wouldn’t feel sad about being left alone on their own once again?

The transition from being full-time parents to empty nesters isn’t easy. Some don’t even take it lightly. But, for these two parents, being “empty nesters” warranted a hilarious photo shoot that’s quickly making rounds on social media right now.

In a photoshoot by Haley Marie Photography, the photographer’s parents appear to be thrilled that they now finally have the house to themselves.

So thrilled, in fact, that they can’t just stop smiling!

As expected, parents from all over the world can relate to the hilarious photo shoot.

Scroll down below to see just how happy these empty nesters are now that their children are finally out of the house.